Monday, August 6, 2007

Dentists, Doctors, Appointments....OH MY!

Sometimes it is heartbreaking to be a mom. I know that I needed to take the girls to their respective appointments, but I hated waiting to hear medical professionals tell me my babies are doing all right. A couple of years ago, I would have thought that a ridiculous remark to make. What's the big deal about going to the doctor or dentist? That's what is best afterall. Luckily, I have been given two little champions that make these things so much easier.

Norah had to go to the dentist last Wednesday because I saw dark spots on the backs of her front teeth. I cringed as I waited to hear that the dentist would have to knock her out and cap her teeth. As it turns out, she grinds her teeth and has worn through the enamel but has no cavities. When I asked what I should do about that, I was relieved to hear "nothing". Apparently some kids grind their baby teeth to the gum line. If she does it to her permanent teeth, she'll wear a night guard, but for now we just keep brushing. Norah loved her appointment. That's her looking proud if slightly hesitant in the chair. She was thrilled to receive a ring and bracelet from the treasure drawer when she was done too.

Addie had to go back to the cardiologist for her two month follow up today. I was thrilled that she was so good. She didn't cry until the end of her ECHO when they had to pull off her "stickies". The doctor said that the heart defects are still there, but the hole (ASD) is slightly smaller and the other problems are very mild. As the ASD heals (I'm saying as, not if) the other things will heal or at least not have an effect on her. She is doing great, so we go back in 3 months to do it all over again. I am believing that God will continue to heal her and we will be seeing that healing continue to take place at her next visit. In this picture, she hadn't been to the ECHO yet, but she is red from a different batch of stickies that they had to put on her. The 2 hour appointments aren't fun, but it is fun to watch my baby charm the office personnel.

Over the weekend, the girls had some time with grandparents too. A little R&R....... We celebrated Papa Jeff's birthday--though it looks like Norah's since she took care of the candle blowing for him. We had such a relaxing and fun time. Happy Birthday Daddy!


Jamie said...

Norah looked a little frightened at the dentist! Addie's smile is adorable.

Maria. said...

Welcome to the blogspot! Doctor's appointments are always commical afterwards in our family! Good news about Addie!

steve said...

I am a creepy guy who knows where you have very pretty daughters.

Matt said...

Hey Rach, just FYI Steve is me...I thought it would be funny to freak you out, but I don't want you to worry.