Wednesday, August 15, 2007

A Birthday and a Bumbo

Last weekend we had a family party for Dave's birthday (he'll be 28 on August 17). We will be headed out of town this weekend to see my mom's clan at a reunion in Nebraska, so we celebrated with family that won't be headed that way. We are so blessed to have so much family around us. I was realizing on Saturday that we are able to gather with four generations. Our grandparents, parents, and siblings enjoy each other on top of that. I always took that for granted growing up. I was used to big family gatherings and always looked forward to them. My family members were and still are some of my closest friends. I am really looking forward to my family reunion in Nebraska too--our family has fun when we gather. No boring picnics in the heat with people you don't know or remember, just people that have a blast together and love each other very much. I can't wait!

I finally accepted earlier this week that Addie should be a part of the Bumbo seat craze. I thought these crazy seats were for lazy parents who didn't want to teach their children to sit up on their own. I also thought that they had a ridiculous price tag for a molded piece of foam--thick as it may be. This was until I realized how much Addie likes to be held in a sitting position--I can't keep it up all day--but Bumbo can. She can sit when I want to do something else and be able to play with both hands. She bats at things when she is laying on the floor, but in her seat, she can really get a grip on her toys. And she LOVES it! Bumbo seats are a craze for a reason, and I intend to spread the word of their greatness.

got to enjoy some more pool time this week as well. We swam at Dave's party once and went again on Sunday night. Addie had her first pool experience, and Norah is getting slightly braver around the water. We enjoyed the extra time with Dave's parents too.

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