Friday, January 30, 2009

The Ultimate Party Bus

Okay, so it was a van.....

Last night I had a thrilling dream. I awoke to the sound of a blaring horn, not the trumpets that I've heard about in the Bible. I went out the door to meet Jesus in a fifteen passenger van! We drove around collecting people for our trek to heaven. Somehow the van kept expanding to accommodate the many people who had such a privilege. So much for meeting my Jesus in the sky :) It seemed so real and wonderful last night and wonderfully hilarious this morning. Although, I must say that if the plan should be revised, and Jesus wants to retrieve me in a van, I will have no complaints!

My Bible suffered some sacrilege this afternoon. I left it out with the Bible Study I am currently working on, and Adeline found it with a pen. I found additions to scripture in Deuteronomy, Numbers, and 1st Samuel, oh, and bit in Exodus as well. She turns pages with one hand and scribbles with the other, thus allowing the damage to be widespread. I love my Bible; I am used to how it feels in my hands, the pages don't stick together anymore, and I have meaningful scriptures underlined. Perhaps one day I will cherish Adeline's "blasphemous" scribbles, but for now, I am a little disappointed at the damage my Bible received--yet laughing a bit about it. I can still read through the scribbles, and given the shear number of pages in the Bible, she only scribbled in a small percentage. My Bible will be quite unique to pass on to future generations, I'm sure. We have only just begun!


من أجل التمكين said...

do u know islam ?


Maria. said...

Isn't it incredible no matter what is said or written against God's word, it gives us life? I love your dream, Rach.