Thursday, September 6, 2007

Seasons Change

We had a great time over Labor Day weekend. We got in some relaxing and some time with friends and family. It really does feel like the end of summer though. I always seem to think of the State Fair as the beginning of fall--and it comes only a week after Labor Day weekend. I don't know how I feel about summer coming to an end. I always love the fall--football, soup, open windows, bonfires, festivals, my birthday, the pumpkin patch, and this year my great friend, Trish, from Louisiana is coming....., but how did September get here? I really want to hit the pause button for a moment. What is my deal? Usually I am ready for a change of pace, but right now, I'm not.

I've alw
ays been a person who doesn't like my cheese to move very far. I think that having kids is showing me just how much changes, and how quickly. Last Labor Day is when I found out I was pregnant with Addie. This year, I have a smiling four month old. I feel like I have traveled through many seasons the past three or four years, and I don't just mean the time of year. I have grown and changed so much spiritually; I have had times of stepping forward and times of needing to fall back; I've been tied down to babies and experienced breaths of the carefree life; I've had times of strength and moments of weakness; times of loneliness and times of feeling surrounded by support. Several times when I mention changes, my friends tell me, "It's just a season, Rache." I am so thankful to have friends now that are with me no matter the season. More, I am thankful for an unchanging God in Heaven who has a plan for this changing life of mine.

As for summer turning to fall, the past few da
ys were crazy. We went from a warm day for a pool party to two days later, harvesting pumpkins and gourds at my parents house, with a hint of a chill in the air. Norah is delighted that there will be "more to pick soon." Here are some fun pics:

Jamie, Steph, and Rachel synchranized floating

Matt (left) and Dave (right) off the board.

My lil' punkin

After pickin' fun


Jamie said...

We should totally start touring with our synchronized swim thing, we look FANTASTIC!!!!

Lacy said...

Your little pumpkin is so sweet in that wheel barrel!

Maria. said...

Rachel sorry I missed the party, I have to admit that I was feeling a bit sorry for myself that I couldn't be with all of you! But I am glad that you all had a great time! Can't wait to enjoy some Rachel time myself!!!!